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Huntington Classic has two more airings . . .
Huntington Classic has two more airings . . .

SUNDAY, October 12, 2014 - The Powerboat Nationals innaugural race in Huntington, WV from this past July will air two more times later this month on Fox Sports Ohio.  The 2014 Huntington Classic, filmed and produced by RMG Sports, will air on FSN-OH on Wednesday, October 15 at 10:30 p.m. and again on Friday, October 24 at 8 p.m.  The showings will be the sixth and seventh airings of the 2014 race on FSN-OH.  No additional airings are scheduled at this time.

The 2015 Huntington Classic is in the early planning stages.  The race will seek to keep it's last weekend of July race date pending APBA sanctioning.  The race has been conducted on the final weekend in July the past three years and seeks to keep that date due to other regional races on either side of the race date.  The Trenton, MI race has historically been the weekend before Huntington and the Portsmouth, OH race has historically been the first weekend in August.  The Huntington race has had to unfortunately take place on the same weekend as another race in Minnesota, but local promotors have scanned the summer schedule and can find no other dates that work with the scheduling of use of Huntington's Harris Riverfront Park.  The park gets a lot of use in the summer, hosting community events and symphony orchestra outdoor performances throughout the summer.  So, the final weekend in July it is.  The 2015 race will stay at three days.  Our local committee had considered expanding the regatta festival to the Thursday preceeding the weekend race, but organizers have decided to just try to make the Friday-Sunday festival as nice as possible.  2015 plans include an expanded carnival, higher profile music acts and possible nighttime fireworks.

Dana Tomes

New Seebold coming home next weekend . . .
New Seebold coming home next weekend . . .

SATURDAY, October 4, 2014 - Our new Seebold SST-120 race boat is making the journey from west Texas this coming weekend.  Jack Randolph is planning to deliver the boat from his shop in Shallowater, TX on Friday and meet up with Gordon Downard in Memphis, TN on Saturday.  Gordon will tow the boat the rest of the way back and re-install a Seebold driver airbag system which Tim Seebold is preparing for us.  The boat was one of the last boats built by Seebold Sports before they quit building boats several years ago.  The boat was originally built for Tim Seebold and was later sold to Jack Randolph after Tim quit racing SST-120 races on a regular basis.  We are excited to get the boat here so early in the off-season so we can get it ready for racing before we enter the long northern winter hibernation here in a month or two.  Other than re-installing the airbag system, which Tim removed before selling the boat to Jack, the boat is pretty much set up and ready to race.

Things are moving along well.  Our Lamb F1 race hull has been stripped down and is ready to be flipped so the right sponson, which was damaged in our last race at Portsmouth, OH, can be repaired.  The boat will go to Gordon Downard's shop in a couple weeks to undergo a couple weeks of repairs before we begin rigging it exclusively for F1 racing in 2015.

One of our SST-120 motors is fresh and ready to race.  Two more are on the bench undergoing rebuild and a fourth one is going to Book Brothers Marine for some updates in a couple weeks.  Similar progress for our F1 engines can be reported.  Three are set up and ready to race while our primary powerhead will be sent off in a couple weeks to get some fuel injection work.  Hoping to have four fresh 2.0 and four 2.4 powerheads to load into the hauler to start off 2015!

Dana Tomes

2014 racing winding down . . .
2014 racing winding down . . .

SUNDAY, September 21, 2014 - The 2014 tunnel boat racing season in the U.S. is winding down.  Boats were on the water this weekend in Orange, Texas for the annual battle in the F1 Sport and SST-45 classes.  Racing, for the most part, culminates on the East Coast next weekend at New Martinsville, WV with SST-60, 120 and 200 racing.  You can view the circular for the APR Superleague race online at  Herd Racing won't be participating this year, but our quest to prepare for 2015 continues in the race shop.

We continue to work on our hauler in an effort make it more user-friendly at the race site.  We will be adding a new tow vehicle in 2015 to allow for hauling extra engines, fuel and a UTV that we just couldn't fit in our rig this past season.  Not having our Polaris Ranger at the races made us have to rely on a volunteer tow vehicle to put our boat in the water at the race sites.  With half of our trailer being dedicated to living quarters space we were limited in our ability to haul spare engines or our UTV.  We are excited to hopefully be able to have all of that stuff with us next year, including a backup power source should our onboard generator have problems like we experienced a couple times in 2014.

Our SST-120 engines have been torn down at the builder and we are discussing improvements that will be made to those to make them more competitive next year.  Our new SST-120 boat is still in Texas, but we are planning to get it moved our way in October so it can undergo some upgrades and be ready for 2015.

Focus is turning toward sponsorship for 2015 as we need to generate some more income to support our planned USF1 series plans that will require much more expense and long distance travel than what we have become accustomed to over the years.  As usual, we are looking for good family-friendly companies to partner with that share our values and beliefs.

Lots remains to be done, but luckily we have plenty of time to do it.  I'll probably eat those words in about six months when I complain about not being ready for the new season.

Dana Tomes

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