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Good week of progress . . .
Good week of progress . . .

FRIDAY, May 15, 2015 - We have had a good week at Herd Racing this week as we continue to prepare for the water, now just two weeks away.

We made many improvements to our hauler trailer this week, troubleshooting small glitches, fixing burned out lights, changing electrical recepticles, light switches, cleaning out and wiping away the dust and dirt that accumulates during the off season.  Changing the oil in the generators, getting our lubricants stocked in the trailer, rounding up our tools, fuel, cans and things like that.  A few hours a day in the shop resulted in a pretty good week of progress.

Now we are ready to begin loading up the supplies and equipment as we plan to blast off for the Maple City Grand Prix in just 11 or 12 days from now.  A few parts and pieces of our boat are still in the paint shop.  Just installing the seat, seatbelts, and doing a little cockpit comfort changes is about all that remains before we begin applying the sponsor decals in about a week.

The weather has also been so nice that we have been moving forward on our shop addition again.  We laid out the 3,200 square foot addition corners with spray paint this week so we could see what excavation work that remains.  We have about a day or two of bulldozing to do and have to set a new power pole before we begin the construction phase.  Hopes are to have it under roof by fall so that we can keep all of our equipment indoors this coming winter season.

It's time to speed up the action in the shop as we continue to prepare and that means more blog posts as we get closer to opening weekend!  Stay tuned for more posts and photos in the next few weeks.

Dana Tomes

Less than three weeks to show time . . .
Less than three weeks to show time . . .

SUNDAY, May 10, 2015 - We're down to about two and a half weeks before we pull out for our trip to our season opener in F1 at LaPorte, Indiana.  The third annual Maple City Grand Prix is expected to draw a near record number of entries from throughout the U.S. and Canada.

After working all winter to be ready for May, we're still behind, just like is the case every spring.  Things are progressing, but there is still a lot of work to do on the boat and hauler before we load up in a couple weeks.

Our annual oil shipment from E.A. Schaeffer Oil is expected to arrive early this week and our driver post card (pictured above) has been sent to the printer for production.  Our team pit flags and tents are on their way from the manufacturer in California.  All that remains in that department is our team uniforms and driver suit which are under construction in Indianapolis.

We will hopefully decal up our Polaris Ranger this week to match our race boat and begin placing the decals on the boat as well.  We will need to mount our air system and adjust the placement of the throttle petal.  A few more updates like the placement of the trim buttons and installation of our radios, seat belts and seat and the boat should be ready to load.  It all sounds simple, but those tasks mentioned above will actually take many hours to finish up.

Our engine department appears to be in good shape.  We will load up our boat with a nice Bridge port powerhead and two backups for LaPorte (1 Bridge port and 1 Oval port).  We also have three 2 liter powerheads ready for our F2 boat but still need to do some repairs to the F2 boat before it is ready for it's first appearance in Huntington later this summer.

I am hoping to leave out for LaPorte on a Wednesday afternoon and spend the night along the highway close to the race site.  If we can arrive in the pits early on Thursday we should be able to tie up the loose ends during the day on Thursday and be ready for action when testing begins on Friday morning!  The countdown to LaPorte is on, ready or not!

Dana Tomes

Testing begins this weekend . . .
Testing begins this weekend . . .

FRIDAY, May 01, 2015 - While many teams are racing this weekend in the famous 24 Hours of Rouen or the F1 Sport Series in Port Neches, Texas, our team will be headed to the muddy and swollen Ohio River near Huntington, WV tomorrow to begin working out the bugs in our 2015 F1 boat.

The new composite Seebold hull is almost ready to race after several months of rigging and engine work to get our 2.4 EFI Mercury Bridgeport powerheads ready for competition.  A special thanks goes out to Book Brothers Marine for many weeks of hard work and to Brucato fuel injection systems for designing us an awesome aftermarket fueling system that will boost our engine's horsepower massively.  Building an EFI system from scratch isn't easy we have found, but with some determination and some very smart people just a phone call away I think we have conquered the quest.

Tomorrow, we'll get our first chance to see it all come together.  Hopefully, if testing goes well this weekend, we can finish up the boat and begin preparing for LaPorte in the next few weeks.  Our F1 season opener starts just four weeks from today!

The APBA released the race sanction for the LaPorte race today.  As many as 25 F1 boats are expected to kick off the U.S. race season, the biggest anticipated field of entries in quite a few years for F1 boats in any country.  You can view the race sanction online at

Last weekend I visited the APBA racers school in Dayton, OH to complete my capsule training certification for the upcoming season.  A great evening with the Box 21 rescue crew at Wright State University's swimming complex.  Two more years of capsule certification is now taken care of.

And, we are close to our F1 primary sponsorship announcement.  In the next 2-3 days our sponsor will be announcing it's pledge to support our team and we'll have the announcement here.  The uniforms, driver suit, shirts, hats, tents and the like are either at the office or on their way so we anticipate having a professional look when we report to LaPorte in four weeks.  Stay tuned to see whose logo we'll be sporting on our Seebold hull in 2015!

Dana Tomes

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