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Getting a jump on 2015 . . .
Getting a jump on 2015 . . .

TUESDAY, August 19, 2014 - We got an early jump on the 2015 race season today as we sent our two SST-120 powerheads off for rebuilding.  While most teams still have a race or two left on their 2014 event schedule, we have decided to lick our wounds and get started on our preparations for 2015.

There are many things that need attention, including our hauler as well as our SST-120 boat which has some structural repairs needed that kept us from last weekend's National Championship at Rising Sun, Indiana.  After planing to limp to Rising Sun and patch up our equipment good enough to run, we decided Friday morning to pull the plug and call it quits for the year.  Just too many things needing attention to have any chance at a decent performance.

While we are finishing up the 2014 season on a down note, we are excited about what 2015 will bring!   We will be attempting to run full schedules in Formula 1 and SST-120 in 2015 and will be separating the two programs rather than switching engines back and forth on the same boat.  We will use our Lamb boat for our Formula 1 program and will be getting a new boat to use for our SST-120 program.

Next up is de-rigging the Lamb hull so we can get it to Gordon Downard's shop to get the decks cut off and get the sponsons tied on a little better.  Stay tuned.  Lots is planned for this off-season at Herd Racing!

Dana Tomes

FSN Classic airings up to five already . . .
FSN Classic airings up to five already . . .

SATURDAY, August 09, 2014 - The Huntington Classic television production just got into the hands of FSN-OH executives this week and the network has already added three more airings of the show to it's 5.7 million subscribers in the northcentral region.  The 30-minute show, filmed by RMG Sports during the annual running of The Huntington Classic a few weeks ago, turned out perfectly.

Our local committee wanted a positive promotional piece for our city, a showcase for our SST-120 and SST-60 racers, and to show those who missed this year's event that they had better get involved next year.  The Huntington Classic is healthy again and our committee is talking about expanding our festival to four days in 2015, after expanding to three days this summer.  Our local government, tourism officials and businesses really responded this year and our race drivers turned out allowing us to boast nice race fields after our taking the risk and switching back to the SST-120 class.

We heard nothing but positive remarks after the race weekend and plan much, much more of the same in future years.  Sit back and enjoy the show online at  If you get FSN-OH on your cable network then be sure to watch our premiere at 10 a.m. on Saturday, August 30, with encore airings at 11 p.m. on August 30; 6:30 p.m. on September 12; 7 p.m. on September 16; and 10 p.m. on September 22.  Lots of prime time boat racing for everyone!

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